The Artists' Community of Lake Tuusula

Erkkola mustekynät kirjeet. Kuva Kari Kohvakka

Many masters of Finnish literature, visual arts and music lived on road Rantatie at Lake Tuusula in the early 1900's. The lake attracted great figures of the golden age of Finnish art, who formed an artists' community in the countryside they adored. Wealthy officials and merchants as well as advocates of Finnish art and Finnishness came together on Rantatie. Their inspiration was author Aleksis Kivi, who died 1872 in the cottage of Syvälahti on Rantatie.

Author Juhani Aho and his spouse, painter Venny Soldan-Brofeldt moved to Rantatie in 1897. They were soon followed by painters Pekka Halonen and Eero Järnefelt and their families, poet J. H. Erkko as well as composer Jean Sibelius with his family. Onnela and Syväranta, popular boarding houses on Rantatie, were frequently visited by poets Eino Leino, Uuno Kailas, Unto Karri and Einari Vuorela.

The shores of Lake Tuusula have maintained their uniqueness and beauty. Museum road Rantatie offers both historic scenes as well as events of culture and arts. The memorial cottage of Aleksis Kivi, Halosenniemi, Erkkola and the Lotta Museum, built on the location of former Syväranta, are museums on Rantatie. The Onnela Inn is still open for travelers. Houses Ainola, Suviranta and Ahola are to the northeast of Lake Tuusula.

Erkkola kirjoituskone

Artist Home Erkkola

The wooden villa on road Rantatie was built in 1902 by poet and cultural influencer J. H. Erkko. The Erkkola house is one of the renowned artists' homes at Lake Tuusula.

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J. H. Erkko

J. H. Erkko (1849–1906) was one of the great cultural influencers of the late 19th century. Besides being a poet, a playwright and a journalist, he also was an outspoken advocate for the Finnish culture.

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Martta WendelinMartta Wendelin

Illustrator and painter Martta Wendelin lived in Tuusula for the main part of her life. In 1982 she donated a collection of about 2,000 original illustrations to the municipality of Tuusula. Her pictures form the foundation of the illustrated art collection of the Tuusula Art Museum.

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