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ErkkolaThe home of poet J. H. Erkko was built in 1902 on road Rantatie in Tuusula. Today it stages various exhibitions and other cultural events.

Juhana Heikki Erkko (1849–1906) was one of the prominent figures of Finnish culture in the late 19th century. He was a popular poet and playwright, often contributing to the ideals and efforts of his era. Erkko was a powerful and versatile advocate of Finnish culture and adult education. Many of his poems were set to music and continue living as songs.

Erkko was inspired by another Finnish author, Aleksis Kivi. Kivi spent his last months in a modest cottage just across the road Rantatie. The entrance to the memorial cottage is included in the entrance fee of Erkkola. It is open during the summer season.

Complete your visit to the museum by taking a stroll in the beautiful park of Fjällbo at the waterfront of Lake Tuusula.

Welcome to enjoy the art and events at Erkkola!

The Artist Home Erkkola is closed until 1.6.2020 as a corona virus contingency measure. The museum will open to the public on 2nd of June.

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Every year the museum hosts 3-4 theme exhibitions.