Exhibitions 2022

Artist life in Halosenniemi

8th of March – 28th of Aufust 2022

This year marks the 120th anniversary of the completion of Halosenniemi. In addition to paintings from Pekka Halonen's long career as an artist, the exhibition presents the rich original artefacts of the house and tells about life in the artist's home with various drawings, stories and photographs.

Exhibition catalogue


Music in Halosenniemi

11th of October – 15th of January 2023

The rooms of the Studio Home Halosenniemi are filled with paintings by Pekka Halonen selected by Finnish musicians and an exhibition designed around these works. The selected paintings have served as a source of inspiration for the musicians in their work on composition and lyrics. The combined force of music and visual arts is both a reminder of the house's multi-artistic traditions and the power and need for art in this time.