There is no easy way to restore the lake and different methods have to be used to achieve the better state of the lake. Restoration measures of L. Tuusulanjärvi aim to decrease the current level of diffuse nutrient loading, correct the disturbances in the food-chain structure and provide better access to the lake for recreation.

After an extremely dense bloom of cyanobacteria in 1997, voluntary organization of ProTuusulajärvi was founded and with the help of other organizations it collected 8 643 names in a petition of citizens for the lake’s restoration. Many well-known artists, including writers Veikko Meri and Laila Hietamies, also joined in the public petition, and also high-profile members of society and business life were worried about the condition of the lake.

The petition was handed to The Minister for the Environment, Pekka Haavisto, on the 2nd of October in 1998. As a greeting from the government authorities The Minister gave a promise of 2 million marks’ funding (about 335 000 euros) for the restoration of the L. Tuusulanjärvi. On the same day the municipalities of Tuusula and Järvenpää together with The Mid-Uusimaa Joint Municipal Board for Water Pollution Control agreed to a joint budget of 18.1 million marks (more than 3 million euros) for the restoration of the lake.

Both the state and the municipalities have continued the funding of the restoration. The main responsibility of the funding of the lake restoration remains on municipalities of Tuusula and Järvenpää. The annual budget in 2010’s has been about 180 000 euros